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Be Partner of Softaken Affiliate Marketing Programs to Earn Revenue

Welcome to Softaken Affiliate Marketing page! It is created to let you know that you can now generate revenue by joining our affiliate marketing membership. Our program helps earning from your site without expending a penny! Isn't it cool? You get recognition from your site and at the same time using it to add some extra money to your pocket. Remember, the affiliate marketing has 4 core players-merchants (brands), networking, publishers and customers.

Now it is your turn to be part of our leading organization with affiliate… has been serving top quality Windows email client recovery and conversion programs for years… We have successfully built a strong clienteles in all across the world including Asia, USA, UAE and Europe.  Maintaining trust of users with quality software is what counts us different from others!

Benefits of Getting Softaken Affiliate Program

Association with Trustable Software Seller

With our affiliate program, we give you the opportunity to associate with one of the industry’s best-selling Windows email recovery and conversion program sellers… We offer our software to top MNCs and businesses.

Best Affiliate Networks

We will link with the best affiliate networks, our association will allow you to earn reputation indirectly.

Excellent Commission

The product sells through your affiliate will help you generate excellent commission. Every time, whenever your site helps selling products, you will get reward of commissions…

High Conversion Rate

Each Softaken products have high conversion rate with excellent EPC. That means you have a good chance to earn high commission if your visitor moves to our site.

Free Trial

If you wish to try our affiliate, free trial is available. Request us with a simple mail to activate 30 days free trial.

Support All Time

We are ready to help understand our affiliate. If you have any doubt, give us a call or mail us.  Prompt reply is provided.

Keep You Updated

We are endeavoured to keep you informed about our offers, promotions and skills to promote Softaken products.

Assist through Materials

Softaken provides you with various promotional matters like text, links, banners etc… to promote our products in the way you would like…

So, get ready to be our affiliate partner...Mail Us at to Join our affiliate Program