Refund Policy

In order to maintain delightful software shopping experience with us, we have refund policy. We request each client to go through the refund policy first before returning the product. There are a few guidelines followed by us for refund. We expect clients to go through it.

We Pay Back in case of:

We request our clients to feel comfortable to connect with our technical team if the purchased app is not executing the performance that has been promised to provide. We assist you our best. Analyse the problem. If the issue is not resolved, we will pay back to you. is not responsible of the below mentioned things:

You shopping went wrong accidently. For example, you would like to shop an individual version but by mistake shop for a commercial version.

(Note: You can request for upgrading of the product but not downgrading. It means you can upgrade from individual version to commercial one)

Don't miss the activation date of the software. If you have missed it we are not responsible for this.

Misdirect email is not our responsibility (the email has not reached to your or sent to a wrong recipient)

It may possible that the activation mail goes to the spam box by the email client automatically. Please check your spam box. If you miss it we don't take the responsibility.

You have shopped the product and have downloaded it, now you don't want the program any longer

You have purchased the software accidently, you don't want.

You want to shop but it wasn't the software you are wanted to buy.

After downloading the app, you are facing problems to operate it in your system.

The purchased program is not meeting your goal

You have made shopping when the weekend is about to start and is now facing delay to get its license

Unable to run the app in your system because your PC is not meeting the basic needs to operate the app

Miss-interpretation by clients while getting technical support from our tech experts

You have missed the date of returning (we have 30-day return policy and expect clients to make returning within these days)

Take care of the ordered software, if it is damaged due to your fault, returning process will be considered invalid

Refund is not valid for the following reasons:

Requesting of Free Trial

We request our prestigious client for free trial of any of our software at first and then go ahead for shopping. The demo version is aimed to make your shopping pleasant and reduce the possibility of retuning the product.